• Za poslušanje naše muzike:
  • - pritisnite na ikono "+", odpre se seznam albumov.
  • - kliknite na izbrani album, odpre se seznam pesmi.
  • - zaprite seznam albumov s klikom na "X" v zgornjem desnem kotu.
  • - kliknite na pesem, ki jo želite poslušati. Pritisnite "Play" (puščica desno). 
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Some members of the group perform vocal workshops on Istrian traditional singing (Marino and Alenka Kranjac), workshops of Istrian traditional dances (Marino and Alenka Kranjac).

During the dance workshop the whole group VRUJA is playing alive.

Marino Kranjac also performs musical instrumental workshops, during which the partecipants can learn mostly Istrian traditional dance tunes. Marino Kranjac is also an expert of the fiddle and Istrian small basset repertory of Northern Istria and conducts workshops for these two instruments.

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