VRUJA is a musical group, which continues the tradition of the musical groups from the Slovene Istria and which have had a great influence on the increased knowledge and popularization of the musical heritage of Istria in the latest decades. The group's name is of a dialectic origin and it means source, spring.

The group is a successful joint of experienced musicians, who are considered the pioneers in the folk music revival, as well as younger ones, who have grown up in close contact with tradition. Vruja is trying in its own way to add yet another little stone to the mosaic of interpretation and performance of the Istrian's musical heritage. The musical experience of a single member and their mutual work are expressed in the group's performances and thus, the group is regarded as a representative of a musical trend, known all over the world as the Folk music revival.

How it all started? Print

At the beginning it was music, Istrian traditional music that brought together people who out of love and devotion to this music started to meet and play and a spring rose up to burst songs and melodies of our land, our ancestors.

Luciano Kleva and Marino Kranjac, who were friends and musical fellows for many years, wanted to found a larger group of musicians with a female vocal for a menysided presentation of the Istrian musical haritage.

Nagrada meseca TRADMAGAZINE za drugi album Print
Francoska revija za tradicionalno glasbo TRADMAGAZINE je skupini Vruja podelila nagrado meseca za drugi CD "Od mladega vina do pustne frtade". Album  lahko poslušate v našem predvajalniku na levi.
Workshop presentation Print

Some members of the group perform vocal workshops on Istrian traditional singing (Marino and Alenka Kranjac), workshops of Istrian traditional dances (Marino and Alenka Kranjac).

During the dance workshop the whole group VRUJA is playing alive.

Marino Kranjac also performs musical instrumental workshops, during which the partecipants can learn mostly Istrian traditional dance tunes. Marino Kranjac is also an expert of the fiddle and Istrian small basset repertory of Northern Istria and conducts workshops for these two instruments.



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